Ugh, mine had this Sam dramatic reaction. Called everyone she knew and said I’d gone missing, drunk dialed my father and badgered my brother. Threatened to come looking for me “with an armed friend.”

I cant tell you how much I related when you said how good it felt to draw boundaries. Also, when you talk about how your mom stole a private letter from you, she did this to me ALL the time. She stopped me from having friends she didn’t approve of (basically, every single person I came into contact with), so one of my friends would leave letters under my doormat to keep in touch. eventually she found those too, Stole them all, don’t know what happened to them. Also stole and trashed many other belongings, mostly momentos that I got from special events in my life …I feel like I have no memories, or little things I can look back on and think fondly of because of her. Photos, letters, a concert t shirt from the first concert I ever went to with my father. All of it, just gone.

I tried to push all that down and forgive her years ago, but after my last encounter with her in June (I went no contact) it all came flooding back, and I just have so much anger toward her. She eventually started publicly bashing me on Facebook and I’d just had enough finally. I can’t and WONT put up with it ever again.

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