Thank You for 300 Followers!

…and 7 email subscribers!

To be honest, I didn’t have a ton of confidence when I started on this platform. I was really just looking for a place to unload my thoughts and maybe make a few pennies here and there. At no point did I expect to have very many followers or even a single email subscriber. Somehow though, I’ve found a tribe on this amazing platform.

When you’re looking at long-time writers on Medium that have thousands of followers, 300 may not seem like much at all in comparison. Except, I didn’t have a business or a following before publishing here. I’m not someone who has lots of life-long friends or family who can come support me in this endeavor. Just like you, I started from scratch, and sometimes it feels like progress just isn’t being made quickly enough.

I’m not pumping out articles fast enough.

I’m not getting enough from the Partner Program.

The stories I do publish aren’t getting the traction I’d hoped for.

Two and a half years later, there’s a conference room-sized audience waiting for your content. Yes, you read that right…more than two years.

So, thank you for continually coming to my page and being a soundboard for my interests and troubled thoughts…and know that I’m rooting for you, too.



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