Onlyfans…If You’re Gonna Do It, Do It Right

…Stop setting your value at $3.99.

6 min readMay 28, 2020


Photo by Andre Sebastian on Unsplash

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If you’re a twenty-something year old woman, man, or otherwise, who’s been lurking around the Onlyfans community for awhile, you’re not alone. Times are changing and 90’s babies are sick of trying to “work our way up” at dead end jobs.

We’ve learned through watching our parents and grandparents that companies die out, lay people off, and will replace you the second you die.

We want more control over our lives.

We want more opportunities to advance our education. We want to pay for school in cash, instead of relying on loans and grants.

We want more time to spend with our dying relatives. Our parents are getting older, and we want to be financially secure enough to care for them.

We want to be able to choose to work at home, without relying on unemployment to pull us through a global pandemic.

We want enough money to take care of our own medical needs…and insurance is fucking expensive.

Onlyfans has opened up avenues for thousands of people to create that extra income.

Contrary to Popular Belief, It’s Not a Porn Site

Your Onlyfans brand doesn’t have to be even remotely sexual. Thousands of people are selling their brand of recipes, workout tips, and photography services through the monthly subscription system.

With that in mind, take a week or two to sit and think about your brand. What kind of content do you really want to post? Should you choose to go the adult entertainment route, maybe extend that two week waiting period to three or four.

During that time…

Consider your career options. Any form of work in adult entertainment will most definitely bar you from childcare or teaching in schools. It’s also frowned upon in the military and most federal careers, so if you hope to do any of those things post-Onlyfans, use your account for a different purpose.