Not a single thing. Sylvia Likens was sexually assaulted, beaten, and tortured for months on end (her story is very, very disturbing just to warn you in advance) all the way back in 1965 by a family friend and other people from the neighborhood. Her killers were released and allowed to lead regular lives, marry, have children. It’s sickening…

I agree so much with what you said about law enforcement going so hard for petty crimes. The most recent situation with George Floyd specifically; his supposed crime was forgery, yet they continued to press their legs into his neck long after he’d fallen unconscious. Yet the 3 men who chased down and lynched Ahmaud somehow managed to walk free for months without question.

And you’re right, stepping in is terrifying. There are times when I want to write about topics like these, but I fear how it’ll be perceived or what others will think or say. On the other hand, perhaps we should all be taking it as a personal responsibility as you said. Scrutiny is inevitable…but if it results in lives being saved and children not having to’s worth it.

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