My Most Viewed Medium Stories Are About the Sex Work Industry

…you know what they say, sex sells.

From 2010 to mid-2019, I’d been using the Hubpages platform off and on to generate passive revenue in the form of ad clicks. Not only did I make very little money, I wasn’t able to be as transparent with my writing as I really wanted to be due to the site’s “family friendly” nature.

Upon finding Medium, I was elated.

Not only were earnings based on reading time rather than ad clicks, I could tell the stories I wanted to tell. I could share my personal experiences, talk about some of the awful jobs I had, and give someone out there a little hope for the future.

I’d made more in a year writing on Medium than I had in the first seven years of writing on Hubpages.

What I didn’t realize was how well the nitty-gritty, taboo topics would do on this platform. While I’m trying to focus more on finance and writing topics, sex work related articles continue to be my most viewed, top earning pieces on a consistent monthly basis.

Onlyfans, If You’re Gonna Do It, Do It Right

This story does have a few pointers on how to increase your Onlyfans income, but when I wrote it I was trying to place emphasis on empowering women. When the social platform became more widespread between 2019 and 2020, things took a bit of an ugly turn.

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Scammers were using the oldest tricks in the book to sucker these women into giving them free content.

The Amazon wish list scam is a classic example.

The “fan” confirms a purchase, the Onlyfans model sends the content, the “fan” cancels the order and is never to be heard from again.

As my highest earner, this story receives around 40 to 60 views per day, many of them non-Medium users. Either way, the intent was to help someone, and certainly hope that I succeeded in doing that for at least one of the thousands who read it.

Waitressing in a Strip Club- The Ups and Downs of the Sexy Industry

My very first Medium post, published in 2019.

The year before had been a complete clusterfuck nightmare, I’d lost a job that I’d been at for over five years and I was getting eviction notice after eviction notice. Since I’d met plenty of exotic dancers in my life who’d made significant income in the strip clubs, I figured I’d try waitressing and see how it went.

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Maybe it was the club I was working at, maybe it was me, but the money just wasn’t enough to be worth it. However, I did meet a nice dancer who was only about 18 years old. Her stage name was Trinity, and she brought in almost $800 within 30 minutes of her very first shift.

There’s a lot of information and advice online about how to make a ton of money as a dancer, but not much out there for women who are just looking to serve some drinks.

So, it’s not surprising to me that this post has done so well.

Crazy Shit I Saw Working in a Sex Shop

I wrote this blog for no other reason other than to literally share all the crazy shit I saw working in a dancewear-toy shop.

People came in on drugs, pissed in the trash cans… jerked off outside of our doorway after getting kicked out for being strung out and pissing in our trash cans.

If there’s one thing I can tell you about Medium readers, it’s that they love a juicy, wild, gruesomely detailed story.

I mean, who doesn’t?

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While this blog is the least viewed out of all them, it’s still my second highest earner because of reading time. People spend anywhere between four and five minutes on this story. They only stay on the page for about three and half minutes with the Onlyfans article.

Even though it was mainly posted for entertainment, it does come with some sage wisdom:

Never go up against a car full of crackheads.

I Tried Findom for a Week

For those who have never heard of findom, it’s…interesting, to say the least. It’s a lot like that show Bonding on Netflix, but you don’t even really need to make contact with a client. A guy paid me $15 bucks to tell him what a tiny, insignificant little weiner he had, and that was probably the easiest money I’ll ever make in my lifetime.

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Much like Onlyfans, the world of findom is full of scammers and fake profiles. I didn’t have any plans to do it long term…I just got bored during the pandemic. However, I was able to offer a few pointers to the future findom goddesses of Twitter.

If nothing else, I got a fun story out of it.

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