My 29th Birthday Goals

Cheers to the hurdles of my 20's.

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Run At Least One 5K Race Per Month

Since my father has always been an avid runner, I guess you could say that I inherited a love for the pastime. During high school and college, I definitely wanted to join a cross-country team, but it just didn’t happen. My family relocated often, and my mother insisted that if I wasn’t going to be the next Micheal Phelps or David Beckham, I could just not be in a sport, period.

Start An Educational Plan…and Actually Finish It.

While having a child-like curiosity can be a blessing, there is a level of distinct ambiguity that comes with the territory.

Buy a Drum Kit

At one point, I sang in a choir, played bass, taught myself a little bit of guitar, and learned to read music. After about 15 years of not even having touched an instrument, I picked up drums around February of 2020. A friend of mine knew how to play, owned a kit, and was willing to teach me a couple days a week.

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Finally Publish That Book

For the past year or two, I’ve been writing short stories, chapter segments, and outlines for a couple of different books. Like many creatives, I have a hard time settling on just one thing.

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Live With Intention

I don’t know what kind of challenges the next year will bring, but I am grateful to have been given another. Human beings are naturally creatures of habit. We make decisions based on what feels normal, comfortable.

Introverted animal lover and financial enthusiast.

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