How to Increase Your Onlyfans Earnings

…because posting a few risque’ photos in a dimly lit room isn’t going to get you anywhere.

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In 2016, I met a girl who we’ll call Leah through a mutual friend. Leah was the definition of care-free.

A smoke shop employee by day, and an exotic dancer by night.

However, the most interesting form of income came from how she earned without clocking in…her Onlyfans account.

Being a former strip club waitress, I’d seen new dancers rake in over $800 within a two to three hour period. This left me curious…if you could make that much just dancing a couple nights a week, why bother with Onlyfans?

Eventually, I just asked.

Her response left me perplexed. A few videos here and a couple photos there had pulled in

Was it less than what she’d be making in the club? Probably.

However, she only had to make that content one time, and that 600$ doesn’t even include the tips she received from admirers. With a growing fan base, Leah could still be an entertainer without stepping foot outside of her home.

When a two to three minute video can cover a rent check, why not?

Although her content was explicit, yours doesn’t have to be (unless you want it to, it’s your life babe) in order to bring in the cake.

Leah advertised her page on Instagram, regularly updating her story with extremely mild content compared to what was actually on the Onlyfans account.

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A photo of some new lingerie or a short pole-dancing clip was enough to entice viewers into hitting the follow button. This led to more interaction in the form of comments, likes, messages, shares, and of course, Onlyfans subscriptions.

It wasn’t just her fans that were reaching out, either.

Other women were looking to her for advice. Instead of keeping her success to herself, Leah gladly shared it with the other Onlyfans models. They promoted each other’s pages, did Podcast interviews, and collaborated on new content.

Regardless of what your goal is for your Onlyfans page, it can’t hurt to build a strong network of like-minded individuals. Talk to those who have been successful; ask them what works and what doesn’t.

A competitive mindset is good, a collaborative mindset is better.

Create a Sense of Urgency With Time-Sensitive Offers

Onlyfans has incredible profit potential thanks to the sales features that are built directly into the platform. In addition to setting your own subscription price, you can set expiration dates for posts and promotions.

Let’s say you wanted to offer prospective subscribers a special deal…Black Friday or Cyber Monday, for example. You can easily go into your fee settings and schedule a temporarily lowered cost. If you’d like, you can also add a limit to the amount of people who can receive that offer.

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Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

Scarcity is a force that drives sales up. Beyonce’ has dropped less than a handful of Ivy Park collections in the past month, and the entire stock sold out within minutes.

Yeah, I know. It’s Beyonce’.

However, it builds a sense of exclusivity for her fans.

When your fans know that they’re getting a sweet deal on quality content, the effect is the same.

Own Your Brand

While Onlyfans is a great place to start building income outside of a day job, think of it as a stepping stone rather than the end goal.

Save your earnings and re-invest them toward designing a website that operates on your terms. Instead of putting 20% toward using the Onlyfans platform, hire a photographer and a web developer to enhance your content. Or, purchase a URL domain and take a course on how to set it up.

Once you’ve got your own platform, funnel your Onlyfans subscribers into the professional website.

Some fans will follow, some may not.

Either way, you now have complete control over your content, your image, and how it’s distributed. As an OF model, you run the risk of at-will contracts that can be changed and modified as the owners of the company see fit.

And if you think about it from a long-term perspective, there’s always an off chance that the platform could shut down entirely.

If that does happen, make sure it doesn’t stop your hustle.

Own your brand, and plan ahead.

Introverted animal lover and financial enthusiast.

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