Does Publishing On Medium Every Day Help You Earn More?

3 min readJul 31, 2022

…Legend says it boosts your earnings by $500 a month.

Photo by Mirza Babic on Unsplash

Every other piece of writing advice on Medium suggests that you must write every single day if you wish to be successful. Not just every day, but multiple times per day in order to keep up with the competition. They say that if you aren’t pounding out at least 100 stories every month, you won’t get anywhere. So, is it true?

Honestly, I think it’s about as true as a Big Foot sighting.

Possible, but unlikely.

After a little over two years on Medium, my experience has actually shown the opposite. The only thing daily publishing has ever done for me is create burnout and turn a passion into something I hated.

Yes, you should write every day.

Writing every day and publishing every day have two very different meanings.

Daily writing is necessary, there’s no getting around that. After all, the only way to improve is to do it over, and over again. Daily publishing might help you get better, but it’s more about increasing the speed with which you get your work out there than it is about building your craft. Plus, not everyone who publishes daily is doing that great of a job…even though they think they are.

I did a thirty-day writing challenge, and the results were exactly what I expected them to be. The earnings for the stories I published each day garnered a few dollars here and there, but once they’d left the algorithm, that was it.

They were gone. Nada. Zip. Zero. A blip in the eyes of my readers.

The stories that I took my time on are still earning on their own.

As I mentioned yesterday, writing and publishing hasn’t really been a priority for me in the last eight weeks or so. I haven’t updated one single time, but the handful of stories that have carried me through the past two years, are still carrying me.

So, stop following generic advice.

Stop writing generic stories.

Stop trying to avoid putting in the work, it actually takes more effort to avoid than to just do it. Sit down, and take…