How to guarantee that no one ever reads your story.

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I get that writing advice is a big part of this platform. How else would young writers know what to do if there weren’t others out there paving the way? On the other hand, when the same subject headlines are used over and over I can almost predict what kind of content to expect before I even click on the story.

If you’re new on Medium, avoid using headlines like these, or get lost in thousands of other identical titles.

X Ways to Make X Amount of Dollars As A Full-Time Writer

This one comes in different variations, but they’ve all got the same promise: get paid overnight. These stories typically contain…

I haven’t published in almost two weeks, and the world hasn’t ended.

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Outside of the writing world, I spend 40 hours a week grooming dogs. Each day, I come home covered in bite marks, scratches, hair splinters, fur in my eyes, and some form of bodily fluid on my hands and arms. For a good portion of the day, I get real up close and personal with some dog’s butthole. Not to mention, I’ve handled more testicles in my life than I ever thought I would.

Yeah…not exactly a glamorous career.

By the time I get home, I just want to hop in the shower and get off of my feet. Still…


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The Author of this story is NOT encouraging or endorsing LSD, or any other type of substance use. It is illegal in the US and can cause serious harmful or otherwise dangerous reactions. This story is a personal account and not intended as a recommendation or advice.

“I don’t want a full dose,” I said to my friend as she separated the tiny rainbow gummy on the counter.

I’d never tried hallucinogens before, although I’d met plenty of people who had. Throughout the early part of my twenties, it was a fun little tradition for all of our friends to…

How to meet the Medium Partner Program qualification.

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If you’re a newbie to the Medium platform, welcome! We were all beginners on this site at one point, but if you’ve become a creator after August 10, 2021, you might have a bit more difficulty getting into the earnings program than the early birds. One of the qualifiers for joining is that you must have at least 100 followers. Some writers have expressed their concerns over this, which is understandable. How are beginners supposed to succeed when they’re starting from ground zero?

Well, it’s really not as difficult as you’d think.

I interacted with the community…a lot.

…but I wasn’t disingenuous about it. Nothing is…

What do you do when your favorite place could potentially cease to exist?

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This past week I took a drive down to the midwest to see my grandmother for the first time in a few years. Knowing that I was working multiple jobs and trying to go to school, she was totally supportive and understood that I probably wouldn’t be able to visit very frequently. We always kept in touch via letters, emails, and Facebook, but none of those things can truly compare to seeing, and being in the presence of a loved one that lives far, far away.

This is especially true when all your first memories live in that person’s home…

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A little over a week ago, a highly disturbing video came across my feed of a large crowd of Afghans clinging to the side of a moving Air Force plane. As it leaves the ground and travels a short distance, two black specks can be seen falling from the aircraft.


Two desperate, terrified people who’d rather risk plummeting to their deaths than be subjected to the brutal atrocities committed by the Taliban. One of the victims was only 17 years old.

Watching them fall was a familiar scene that I knew all too well…because I was in 4th grade…

…even though I had my doubts in the beginning.

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Over the past few weeks, there has been quite a lot of backlash regarding the Noteworthy publication.

On July 12th, I received a message from Sam Debrule about my story on burnout. He asked if I’d be interested in adding it to Noteworthy, and mentioned that they had thousands of followers. At first, I was a little skeptical and uncertain. So, I went over to their page; it looked just like any other publication I’d seen on the platform. Once I’d decided that things appeared to be legit, I accepted the inquiry.

After moving past the cautionary phase, my feelings…

Who’s ready for a little writer appreciation?

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Forgive me, I meant to publish this on the first of the month…but you know how life is.

Last month I wrote a story about some of the best reads that have a permanent place in my archive. After giving it some thought, I figured I might as well make it a regular thing. Not all of these stories were written in July, they’re just some goodies I found while digging around for some quality reading material.

So, here are my top 10 favorite reads for July 2021.

#1 I Trialed Medium vs. News Break vs. Vocal Media by Zulie Rane

For the past year, Medium has implemented some serious changes on the…

I’m proud of every single cent.

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This month, I hit a baby milestone. Right after graduating high school, I found the Hubpages platform. It was the first time I’d ever tried making any money from writing, and I wasn’t even sure if it would work. Their partner program is a little different from Medium’s, instead of reading time you’re paid through ad clicks. So I published a few Hubs around May of 2010 and waited.

And waited.

And then I waited some more.

Finally, I’d earned my first 14 cents…in August of 2014.

By then, I hadn’t touched Hubpages in a while. It was in 2016…

…because we all have our tough days.

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No matter how much money you have or what kind of car you’re driving, you’re going to have bad days. They’re the days that chew you up, spit you out, and lie at your doorstep waiting to repeat it all over again. We’ve all been there, and staying positive is tough when your mind is in the gutter.

If you’re having one of those days, or weeks, here are a few reminders that you can weather the storm.

“Every accomplishment begins with a decision to try.” — Edward T. Kelly

When you’re stuck at a low point, it’s easy to want to quit. You start to wonder if you were possessed when…


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