5 Solutions for Your Dog’s Summer Allergies

If your dog is chewing their body raw, these suggestions might help!

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As a common form of allergy relief for humans, Benadryl also works wonders for canines as well! Dogs who struggle with watery eyes and itchiness can gain some temporary relief with just a small dose. The recommended amount would be a pound of weight per mg of Benadryl given orally. Just like other medications, your dog is less likely to resist taking their pill if it’s hidden in a treat or some food.

A normal side effect to Benadryl is drowsiness, so don’t be alarmed if your pup is a little more sleepy than usual. If you’re ever uncertain, contact your veterinarian for assistance with dosage or questions about how Benadryl will interact with medications that your dog is already receiving.

While it is also sometimes used for anxiety relief, you should not rely on this allergy medicine to handle any of your dog‘s psychological issues. There may be another serious underlying condition that causes their erratic or abnormal behavior that Benadryl cannot fix!


Dogs with moderate to severe skin allergies, especially during the summer, might need something a little more effective than Benadryl. Currently, Apoquel is a popular and often recommended treatment for canines who chew at their fur and skin until it’s raw. As a much stronger medication, it only needs to be administered every 12 to 14 days.

It could take up to 24 to 48 hours before you notice a major difference in your dog‘s skin allergies. If you use it for 3 to 4 weeks and don’t see any changes in their skin or their comfort, discontinue the use of Apoquel. Remember, what works for one dog won’t necessarily work for the next, each pup is different.

Don’t give up though, there are still some other things you can try!

Medicated Shampoo

You’ve probably heard of this one before, tried it, only to realize your dog has started to itch again within 48 hours. This often happens because people see the words oatmeal, Aloe Vera, and “all-natural” and assume it’s a cure-all for canine skin allergies.

Instead, you should be searching for shampoos that contain ingredients like chlorhexidine, which effectively clears the skin of fungus and bacteria. Use conditioner afterward to put some moisture back into your dog’s fur; shampooing too often and not conditioning afterward can make your dog’s summer allergies worse!

If you aren’t sure how to properly care for your specific breed’s coat, simply ask a groomer for some advice on your pup’s special needs.

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Topical Moisturizers

Sometimes the extra sunlight and dryness in the air really suck the moisture out of your dog’s epidermis. If your pup has dry and flaky fur that isn’t accompanied by chewing or unpleasant smell, they might just need some extra conditioning. In addition to ensuring their diet is providing enough B Vitamins, a topical moisturizer for dogs is sometimes necessary to get them through the season.

While Burt’s Bees started off as a strictly human product, they’ve now advanced to helping out the pet community, too! Their moisturizing products are allergy-friendly, using minimal dyes and fragrances.

Cyptopoint Allergy Injection

Usually, this method is reserved for dogs with summer allergies that are so serious that they impact the quality of life. Steroids can definitely make a positive and long-lasting change in your dog’s comfort though!

Cyptopoint mimics the immune system of your pet, working to fight against the pollen, bacteria, or internal disruption that is causing breakouts in your dog‘s skin.

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